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All on 4 – Teeth in a day


Serenity’s Smile In A Day!

Lost all your teeth or you have failing teeth due to advanced periodontal disease or one failing crown and bridge work … Your dentist at Serenity Dental Clinic will probably evaluate your case at the initial consultation and diagnostic appointment, to determine the correct treatment for you.

Using x-rays and CBCT scans to evaluate 2D and 3D bone volumes and dental condition, we are able to gather appropriate information for the clinical phase of your treatment.  If you are a candidate for this type of treatment and you consent to this procedure, impressions and photos are taken.  We then schedule you for implant surgery.

Four titanium implants are placed in either jaw, fully immersed in bone using a particular technique.  However, some cases may require a variation to this protocol when zygomatic implants are used.  Once the implants are secured and in place, with the back implants angulated to achieve maximum advantage to the existing bone structure, we attach abutments to receive your beautiful new bridge which can be fastened for your maximum comfort and function.


Previously patients requiring full prosthesis of this nature required six or more implants with treatment sometimes extending throughout 18 months of treatment.  The sheer beauty of this procedure lies in the convenience it offers, whereas in the conventional method, patients struggle with no or ill-fitting dentures that have to be re‑lined for more than a year.  With the all-on-4, patients leave with teeth by the end of the day!  New teeth, new smile, Wow!

With the all-on-4 procedure we alleviate the need for bone grafting and sinus lifting procedures.  No temporary dentures!  No waiting!  No suffering for 18 months.


During the 1990’s all-on-4 dental implants were developed as the best and most convenient way to restore fully edentulous (no teeth) arches in the upper and lower jaws.  Dr Paulo Malo in conjunction with Nobel Biocare, an implant manufacturer using bio-mechanics, computer simulation and clinical research developed the all-on-4 technique.  Clinical research showing the success of these techniques spanning 5 to 10 years is astounding, reaching the higher 90 percentile.

So even when extractions are needed of failing teeth, one can still go home on the same day with rigid, fixed, non-removable teeth.  Delivering maximum results in a short time!  Most patients experience mild soreness the next day and are medicated post-operatively.  On the same day a light meal can be enjoyed.


  • Minimal or no bone grafting
  • Minimal recovery time for patients
  • Allows easy maintenance through normal, proper oral hygiene procedures
  • Fixed-teeth the same day
  • Highly convenient
  • Restores ability to eat all foods
  • Renew facial appearance and youthfulness by supporting both hard and soft tissue
  • Improves self confidence and quality of life
  • Use of zygomatic implants allows almost all candidates to be treated

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