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CBCT Scans


At Serenity Dental Clinics, we are proud to have the latest CBCT Kodak 9300, Cone beam C.T. Scanner, available at our Bedfordview Clinic.

CBCT Scans provide 3-D data, generating a surgical view or slices of the entire field of view from the front, side and under the patient. Using CBCT we are able to determine bone structure, tooth orientation, nerve canals, anatomical spaces and structures, and pathology.

We at Serenity Dental Clinics believe that before a practitioner performs surgery, He/She should be equipped with up to date knowledge regarding the possible conditions located under the soft tissues within the oral cavity. The Kodak 9300 CBCT Scan provides up to 94% less radiation than conventional CT Scans, making it safer for patient use.

This latest imaging software allows us at Serenity Dental Clinics to more accurately diagnose and perform; implant surgery, endodontic, wisdom removal, TMJ assessments, orthodontics and more.

If you would love to experience this type of dentistry, Call us at any one of our Centres to schedule a time at Blairgowrie (servicing Jhb. North) 011 326 0938 or Bedfordview (servicing Jhb. East and Jhb. South) 011 615 9352 (located close to the airport) Johannesburg South Africa.