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Comprehensive Oral Examinations


Ever felt like the Dentist’s waiting room was synonymous to a bustling train station and your visit was a bullet train loaded with anaesthetic.  Whoosh! Dribble! Silence, Drill, OW! , Swoosh, Bye!

Don’t you wish your dentist would spend some time with you doing a full oral examination and explain things to you, and not always be in a rush!

Well now you have come to the right place! At Serenity Dental Clinic’s we will give you time and a comprehensive oral examination using state of the art digital radiography and intra oral cameras. We will book your initial consult, or if you request a full consult we will book you for an hour to an hour and a half, dedicated to YOU.  This time allows us to diagnose and do simple treatments like a cleaning, filling/s  and/or inlays.

Our Aim:  To have educated patients, patients that understand and know what is going on in their mouths. This can prevent future worse dental issues from developing.

Using the Caesy Dental Education Centre, we are able to demonstrate with great accuracy the type of treatment you will be expecting and receiving, thus educating the patient even better.

All of this can be watched along with the Dentist and / or Oral Hygienist on monitors close to you. This allows even the untrained eye to see their dental problems.

If this is the level of dental care you deserve and want  –  If you want to learn more about Serenity Dental Commitment to the comfort, convenience and ultra well being of our patients, contact us today at Blairgowrie (servicing Jhb. North) 011 326 0938 or Bedfordview (servicing Jhb. East and Jhb. South) 011 615 9352 (located close to the airport) Johannesburg South Africa.