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Metal Free Crowns and Bridges


At Serenity Dental we are constantly innovating and bringing new technology to the fore. Using advanced technology in dentistry allows us to restore teeth in the most conservative, functional and aesthetic approach ever possible.  For the patient the end result is metal free crowns and bridges that look and feel like natural teeth. By removing the metal base under the crowns, we no longer have to worry about teeth that show dark lines or patients having metal allergies. The new Zirconia Base Ceramic Crowns have the amazing ability to block out unsightly dark areas while retaining translucency.

Our trained technicians together with Cad-Cam Technology fabricate these crowns from porcelain or dental ceramics. They create masterpieces that look amazingly natural. This tooth coloured restoration is translucent just like the enamel of your natural teeth. The size and shape can be carefully matched to complement the rest of your smile. With time these metal free crowns and bridges have increased strength and can be placed anywhere in the mouth since metal free crowns are inert in the oral environment your gums will be pink and healthy.

Porcelain crowns and other ceramic materials are not new to dentistry and have been used for over 180 years to give teeth strength and beauty. These Bio-compatible materials provide the patient with safe, durable and life-like undetectable restorations.