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Orthodontics today is not only for teenagers but also adults. Orthodontic treatments can develop a beautiful well aligned smile – therefore straight teeth and it is never too late to have orthodontic treatment. Orthodontics can not only make your teeth straight but it also protects your bite and adjusts your jaw positioning, which will in the long run improve your teeth’s functions like chewing and of course smiling.

Reasons for Orthodontic Treatment:

  • Teeth overcrowded and crooked;
  • Teeth protruding;
  • Gaps;
  • Wrong bite – teeth do not touch, cross bite or overbite;

There are many orthodontic treatment options available at Serenity Dental and it all depends on your individual needs:

  • Fixed Braces: These can be metal or ceramic (tooth coloured) – this is the conventional method.
  • Removal Braces: for minor adjustments and repositioning of teeth, especially effective in developmental years.
  • Lingual Braces: Done at the book of the teeth where it is not visible.