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My Testimony of Gratitude. 

Thank you, Dr S and Dr Leah, for your initial motivation and gentle but firm persuasion for me to take the step for the implant procedure.

Thank you ALL for your care and concern over the initial stage when pain was at its peak and you held my hand and walked me through it, even my decidedly Grumpy moments, were treated with gentleness and respect. Thank You.

Thank you for your motivation and comfort over the difficult time –When I could not see the ‘smiling’ light at the end of the tunnel. But, for your spiritual upliftment, that kept me positive and enthusiastic, I am sure that I would have spent many days crying –but instead t was swept along with the energy of the Serenity family.

Eulene- for a warm and welcome greeting on every visit, for your follow up telephone calls to ask how I was felling, a little touch of concern made a difference to what lay ahead. You helped to make me feel a Very Special patient. Thank You.

Renuca- for the soothing and caring ‘couch chats’ while I waited for the walk down the passage sometimes with dread –you eased my nervousness and fear with your calm demeanour and genuine interest in what I had to say- I love your sincerity. Thank You.

Lillian- for the smiling eyes over the mask… and for making the “lounger” in the surgery feel less intimidating than it should have been and for being Dr S’s “swift left hand”. Thank You.

Serenity Staff- the people that I did not get to have too much contact with. But know that you were all there making Serenity a place of tender care. Thank You.

And now….. My Soldiers………………

Dr Leah- for dealing with me demands so effortlessly, for smiling when I needed to feel and see a smile-for offering assistance before I managed to speak the problem out and for ensuring my comfort at the end of a phone call. Thank You.

And Finally…… My Dear…… Dr S, Thank you for allowing my Trust to be met, My confidence to be restored and my faith in spiritual\al to remain stalwart. I have no doubt that I was guided to Serenity and you with a clear decision made on a far higher level that you or I. Your constant upliftment, your positive energy, your personal concern of what was RIGHT for me, your guidance of walking down a long and hard path was made a whole lot easier knowing that I was Your Patient and that You Cared very much.

Thank You All so very much.

My Sincere Love Always –Arlene Emmenes.