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TMJ / Bruxism Therapy


TMJ (Tempromandibular Joints) is where the upper and lower jaws meet. Symptoms of TMJ disorders are usually migraine headaches, arising in the ears, jaws locking and clicking or pain on the back and side of your neck.

The most common TMJ disorder is known as myofacial pain disorder which is a neuromuscular problem of the chewing muscles which usually comes in a form of a dull aching pain around the ears right the way around to the sides and back of the neck. Clicking and locking of the jaw is a common symptom of this as sell.

Factors that could play a role here could be stress, anxiety or depression whereby causing us to grind or clench our teeth when we sleep.

At Serenity Dental a thorough examination is done to assess the problem before a treatment is chosen. We usually gather information about habits which is followed by a physical examination where we check for muscle tenderness and pain in jaw to whether or not the patient is limited in opening their mouth. We will then treat the condition with a caring and attentive approach, thus ensuring no further deterioration of the TMJ and decreasing the uncomfortable symptoms of myofacial pain disorder.

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