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Dental veneers are most commonly made out of porcelain but can also be made out of resin or plastic. These veneers are custom made by a technician or using Cad-Cam technology. These dental veneers are extremely thin layers that are custom designed to perfectly fit your individual teeth to improve their appearance.

Our well trained dentists at Serenity Dental will take the first step in designing your smile by listening to you. We need to understand you the patient, how you feel about your smile, what type of personality you want to reflect. The cosmetic dentist will then take into account your facial shape, hair colour and complexion. We will then create a smile designed for you.

The veneer will cover the entire tooth from gum to edge and you are completely involved in the decision making process.

Veneers have a variety of uses such as to fix chipped teeth, to improve colour and shape of teeth, close small gaps, or even align teeth. Using a dental adhesive we are able to bond this thin shell-like veneer to the tooth, creating a superb row of beautiful teeth.

So if you want to correct crooked and yellow teeth, short irregular and odd shaped teeth, short irregular and odd shaped teeth, dark coloured teeth, poor previous dental work, have a bad bite or need some facelift dentistry contract us at Serenity Dental Clinics at any one of our branches.